Peak performance with a purpose

This publication is my attempt to grapple with the malaise and “slothful ease” brought about by scientific progress and the material comforts of modernity.

I train using what’s been called “the Natural Method,” Hebertisme, or simply natural movement and am a Master-Level MovNat Certified Trainer.

I’m also a mariner in the tradition of Georges Hebert, and founder of an annual 50-mile march in the tradition of JFK.

I wrote a book called Hormetics: Physical Fitness for Free People, which lays out a general theory of optimizing individual health through beneficial “hormetic” stressors.

However, I loathe the idea of becoming another fitness guru or online personal trainer. We have bigger issues, and the fitness-industrial complex plays off our insecurities while doing little to make the average man stronger in the ways that matter.

Since becoming a father, I am more concerned with the collective plight of modern men. Testosterone levels are at their lowest levels in history and are falling rapidly. Men have taken a back seat in the most important institutions – from the family to higher learning to the government itself.

I aim to explore the obstacles to boys becoming men, including those that have hindered my own maturation (weed, porn, and video games to name a few). I overcame these vices through vigorous outdoor movement and connecting with the elements.

If you need help, reach out.

If you’re curious to learn more, keep reading.

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